Relationship Banking Sales Academy


The CEO of Four Seasons is credited with the quote, "Systemize The Predictable, So You Can Humanize The Exceptional."  While Humanizing the Exceptional is the essence of Relationship Banking, few banks have developed the necessary systems to maximize predictable sales results.

We created the Relationship Banking Sales Academy  to empower Bankers, Sales Leaders and Sales Executives with the essential strategies, processes, tools and skill sets necessary to achieve extraordinary sales results, regardless of the economic conditions.

The Relationship Banking Sales Academy will allow your bank to systematize:

  • Business Development (attract more of the right prospects)
  • The Sales Process (convert prospects to customers)
  • Retention (retain and expand relationships with current customers)
  • The Referral Process (get more and better referrals from the right COIs)
  • Sales Leadership (create great coaches)

Contact Chris Carlson at [email protected] for more information regarding the impact that the Relationship Banking Sales Academy can have on your bank.


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